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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Even though not all commercial roofs are built the same, when it comes to a regular commercial roof maintenance plan, things tend to be rather straightforward for any commercial property owner. Roof maintenance programs are vital for your roof life and, consequently, your budget. Any commercial building owner knows that a commercial roof is a major business investment and roof replacement should be avoided for as long as possible. Thus, a documented commercial roof maintenance program is key for the health of their commercial buildings and budget.

Proper maintenance of your commercial roof doesn’t limit itself to properly cleaning or inspecting the roof of your building. Roof maintenance systems are established based on the type of maintenance required for the building type you own:

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Preventative maintenance

The most basic maintenance you can perform for your commercial building is preventative maintenance. This type of basic roof maintenance should be conducted according to the guidelines set by your roofing materials manufacturer. It is a routine check of roofing systems that allows a commercial roofing contractor to perform a visual roof inspection and check for roof leaks, ponding water, and any potential roof damage. This is at least an annual roof maintenance visit meant to spot signs of damage early on so you can address them before they turn into severe damage.

Preventative maintenance
Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance

Setting up a commercial roof maintenance program and scheduling regular inspections at least every six months allows you to extend the service life of your commercial roof and prevent premature roof failure. Scheduled maintenance allows building owners to identify potential damage that might affect the health of their roof system and help them avoid structural damage. This type of maintenance is mandatory for commercial building owners, especially if they want to ensure proper roof maintenance for the safety of their building and the people who work inside.

Maintenance after severe weather

If your commercial building has been exposed to severe weather episodes, such as bad storms, heavy snow, hail, or windstorms, it is advisable to schedule an ad-hoc roof inspection and check for any roof issues. Even if the roof is still standing and following a superficial visual inspection it looks fine, severe storms, accumulation of snow, and debris can weaken roof membranes and deteriorate the roof. If you’re living in an area where storms, hurricanes, or large amounts of snow are not unusual, ask your professional roofing contractor to add a roof coating system that can protect and waterproof your roof.

weather maintenance
Extend the life

Extend the life of your commercial roof

Make sure your roof is clean at all times because flat roofs tend to collect debris. Even a few piles of leaves can damage the roof. Keep an eye out for mold and rot because, in time, they can cause leaks and holes in the roof. While cleaning the roof often is one of the best things you can do for it, it’s advisable to try and avoid extra pressure on the roof as much as possible. In other words, clean your roof without having too many people walk on its surface. Walk pads may help but using the services of competent roofing contractors is even better! And don’t forget about your gutters. Gutter cleaning is an essential part of the roof maintenance process.

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Commercial roof maintenance should be performed by a service team that knows roofs. Since the roof is a vital part of any building, its structural health is of utmost importance for everyone’s safety. All-in-1 Roofs has vast experience in installing and repairing roofs, and its dedicated service team has the right knowledge and skills to deliver proper roof maintenance for any type of commercial building. Your commercial roof should be inspected at least twice a year to make sure you detect signs of water damage, water intrusion, cracks, and sagging in time to perform roof repairs and avoid having to buy a completely new roof.

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